Western Wedding rings – The most essential element

By September 2, 2014 Wedding RIngs

The most essential element in a wedding is definitely the ring. It ties the knot and a symbol of love. People spend time to find that perfect blink that takes their breath away. The ring of beauty generally made from gold with diamond as the ornament.

Western wedding rings in brief

The hand is where the ring will be on. Our hands are like the representative of ourselves. We meet people, we shake hands. It is obvious that we start a friendship by shaking hands. This is why, your hand can make a statement. And this is also why, we decorate our hand using bangles, watch, or ring in particular. A ring is also a sign that we are engaged or married to someone.

The beauty of western wedding rings

Wedding ring is dated from ancient ago. The cultures are different from around the world. Some use simple round shape ring while other prefers to use diamond in the middle of the ring. Commonly, the decoration describes the wealth. Some even injects blood on the ring to make the color alive. The plain ring is old fashioned style while today’s western wedding rings are ornamented with gemstones. However, the style embodies the story of the couple. It can be from any material from silver to metal. Whichever you use, it possesses beauty.

An engraved ring is the typical western wedding rings. Generally, the couple’s names would be engraved on the inner side of the ring while the outer is plain. This design is one of the favourite because a couple can get to choose the wording they desire.

There are also rings made from narrow bands. This way, the ring appears more interesting and bolder. But if you love simple platform, single band of wedding ring can declare the love just as much. It is also cheaper than the ornamented ones.

There is also setting ring – the complex structure gets pretty expensive. The hoop is flattened so it has different width. A stone or diamond can also be added on the front side of the ring. Symbolic rings are worn by the royals. It is a sign of wealth and prosperity. The bearing of rings could symbolize their home or their hierarchy. But in today’s era, the classes are mixed. Anyone can design their own western wedding rings. The tradition might not be important anymore because a team of professional ring designer would want you to make a ring that truly represents your personality instead of the class you are in. They are just borrowing the signs and symbols from early centuries to make the ring more appealing.

The stone is generally something that a wedding ring must have these days. Hence, it does not only look like wedding ring but more of finger decoration with the beauty and value. Gemstone can also be colourful instead of just plain white. It is possible to find rings with different features. You can combine it with different ornament and blend designs to get the most desired wedding ring.