Wedding Gift Etiquette


There are few things in life more difficult to figure out than the “rules” that apply to weddings.  It’s perhaps toughest to know what’s proper when it comes to giving presents. Here’s a brief look at current-day wedding gift etiquette. What To Give Many wonder […]

Bachelorette Party Ideas – Skip the Boring House Party!


It often seems that guys have all the fun during the week before a wedding. All they have to worry about is getting their tuxes, while women have a million little details to take care of. Meanwhile, the groom gets to have an epic bachelor […]

Small Wedding Ideas – Budget-friendly Suggestions


Everyone’s been to at least one enormous wedding. There are so many guests that it’s nearly impossible to spend much time with the happy couple. In fact, it’s so crowded that it almost seems that you’re in a fancy train station, rather than at an […]

What Is a Reasonable Wedding Planner Salary?


The venue, the catering and the dress are three major expenses most people know will put a huge dent in their wedding budget. But often, there’s a fourth big expense. Those who are hosting a large group of guests, or want an elaborate ceremony and […]

What Does a Wedding Cost?

how to creat a budget for a wedding

Asking “what does a wedding cost?” is like asking “what does a house cost?” They’re both expensive, but the details vary so much that it’s impossible to quote a “standard price.” A number of surveys have been done showing that the average budget for a […]